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Perhaps, approaching the world of music at an age other than canons sixteen years when many find themselves first in the garage of a friend and then in the rehearsal room to dream of "break through", the parameters on which to set their music are different.

It is a more mature, and certainly unusual, moment that sees the formation of the Derrumbles, a name fortunately badly remembered by two band members traveling to Costa Rica with their wives - fortunately because of "derrumbes" there are plenty of them and of Derrumbles only us - who arrived, the most to the fateful threshold of 40 decide to learn, for fun and not for the desire to emerge, to play an instrument.

The incredible thing is that the alchemy produced by this reunion of friends works

Not that the music has become easy, but the study is the study, and however the effort is great and the first nucleus composed by Massimo "Napo" Errico, Daniele "Daniolle" Scabbia and Cesare "Maestro" Evangelisti who try in the laboratory where Daniele works - Elena Iotti joins the voice and Gabriele "Blues" Ginghini as a lead guitar who instead had more musical experience, in fact, having played in canons sixteen or twenty years maturing blues rock experiences and that will influence and influence still - the choices music of the band.

The problem of the room is immediately present, and in fact, even for lack of heating in the evening hours of the workshop, the Derrumbles decide to move to a rehearsal room in Casalecchio di Reno, the Robby Music Box where Gianluca D'Alessio, the drummer join the band.

Time passes and thanks to the poetry of a friend, Oscar Pizzirani, comes the first song of Derrumbles, "Scommessa e Giocata" whose cryptic text is remodeled and probably made even more cryptic by Caesar, lyricist of the group. A simple "turn of DO" a little altered in the refrain, a rock arrangement and everything is done. The official singer is Massimo, who gets off surprisingly well, both as a singer, constantly improving, and as a show-man.

For the second song we take a classic round of blues in sol and borrow for Elena - a versatile singer with a beautiful voice - a text by Cesare. The blues "Mi senti? Gnolle Blues" is born

The previous tracks all bloom with the riffs of the electric guitar of the Blues, and no exception is "I lost my time" another piece of the Derrumbles that was born in the halls of the Robby Music Box and that is even transformed into a video in September 2006 by of MK Film studio, a video recording studio that needs an original piece to participate with a video clip in a competition.
The song is a nursery rhyme that Elena can interpret with great feeling.

For "Interno Notte", which will take the final form only on the basis of a text and a musical tour of Cesare, delivered on a December morning during a bike ride, an original video is shot by UBA Production.

"Atomic Rain" originally "Wizard On The Corner" was written after a concert at Bologna's Spaten Keller on a paper napkin and was originally intended as the basis for a new MK Film Studio video.

The band changes the rehearsal room, moving to the excellent "GallElia" of Casalecchio di Reno and thus receiving a qualitative impulse that the narrow spaces of the old hall did not allow. Everything culminates with 2008 where the band performs for 6 times live !!!!

So much so that even three short singers are included: Francesca, Stefania and Mariella, of great effect in some songs specifically designed by the Derrumbles, such as "Lady Marmalade" and "Hot Stuff".
Of the three only Francesca Ravelli remains in the formation of the derrumbles, assuming the role of the band's chorister, and also singing some pieces as a soloist.

In 2010 the Derrumbles took part in their first musical competition, passing the first selections: the tour music fest, national competition for emerging music with the original songs "Understanding Word" and "Flashes of Memories".

At the end of 2010 change of line-up: due to work problems, the drummer Gianluca D'Alessio had to abandon the project and was replaced, after a few short selections, by Gianluca Valli, drummer who played several years before in some Modena bands. Francesca also leaves the band to devote herself to a solo project that her commitment and her voice deserve.

After the insertion of Gianluca in 2012 another novelty: Elena Borri, who succeeds in replacing Elena Iotti, in pregnancy, in all eight dates of the summer season of the Derrumbles.

Together with Elena Borri, the chorister Marzia Mignani also joined the band and the singers.

At the end of 2012 Elena Borri left the band to devote herself to other projects

Blue Soldier and Il Vuoto are born and take shape, two new tracks by Derrumbles

A selfmade EP is also released with seven songs recorded in the room, entitled "Demo 2012" that you can download from HERE.

Katia Aquilone is inserted in 2014 until 2016 in the band, as co-singer

In 2015 he left the band for personal reasons Cesare Evangelisti.

In 2016 he enters the band Devis Di Rocco, drummer.


Ladies and gentlemen ... the Derrumbles !!!!